Everything in LIFE is a CHOICE

Updated: Aug 10

To be joyful instead of settling for fleeting happiness or depressing sadness;

To be wise than being fool, to enjoy and live life to the fullest or live it with plain vanity and emptiness;

To always have a grateful heart instead of an unappreciative heart; and of course

To choose to believe in God's BEST plan in our lives, HIS way or to live our lives in continuous disappointment of trying to live it the way we think it should be lived and end up utterly dismayed not only this lifetime but for eternity.

It is OUR choice - no need to point fingers on others or pass the bucket -- take responsibility of YOUR choice.. so what will it be?

MY choice - may God's great will be done in my daily life - a guarantee of living my life to the fullest with surpassing hoy and peace as I run this race of life. :)


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