For Jamey Iris


                      JOANNA MCINNIS                    

HR Business Partner at Georgia Tech & Former HR Manager at Disney Cruise Line

I am very pleased to write a testimonial for Jamey Iris.  

It was my great pleasure and good fortunate to work with Jamey during my time at Disney Cruise Line and to witness her immense courage, spirit, and professionalism.

I witnessed first-hand how Jamey displays and embodies positive characteristics. L&D Profession and Industry Innovation Manager. Her dedication to her profession’s best-practices and excellence cannot be overstated. In an industry that has been slowly transforming in terms of strategic HR service delivery, Jamey’s drive and dedication to modern L&D best practices were exactly what DCL needed.

During my time as HR Manager for Disney Cruise Line, Jamey worked along side me in the capacity of Learning and Development to grow in that area. The company had recently transformed their former Training Officer roles into leadership management positions to reflect how critical the Learning and Development function is for all crew at sea.

Jamey took up the reigns confidently, with her skills and knowledge from her professional designation and her previous L&D employment experience at world renowned airlines and hotels. She transformed not only the daily, weekly, and monthly development and facilitation of training classes for all crew, but also designed and proposed a number of new initiatives to target the specific needs of new officers/managers in their gaining proper people management skills and knowledge. 

Jamey was integral in the development and roll-out of the new Leadership Programme on board. She championed a more  corporate, strategic methodology based on achieving demonstrable, impactful, and measurable results. Her direct involvement in the improvement of learning and development initiatives was recognized by multiple onboard  management teams (Steering Committees), and by the corporate HR and L&D teams from our shoreside head office.

Social Support and Role Model. I was always amazed not only by Jamey’s great drive and passion for her profession, but more by her ability to remain so consistent  in that endeavour over great lengths of time. Life at sea is difficult and comes with many challenges that are not faced in shoreside  employment positions. Whether it is long hours, no days off during extended contracts, personal isolation, extreme time changes during itineraries and difference from home, safety threats, deaths on board, difficult communication with friends and family due  to lack of connectivity; through all these challenges, Jamey’s energy, positive outlook and professional determination never waivered.

Jamey modeled excellent leadership behaviours consistently and was a beacon of support and guidance to all of her fellow crew  mates, but importantly, as a key member of the Filipino population onboard. She not only supported many Filipino social events, but on some periods of time Jamey was the highest ranking Filipino onboard, and this status comes with certain professions  recognition and responsibilities to her fellow Filipino citizens onboard. From providing assistance with complex employment paperwork, visa and immigration advice, and ethically discharging responsibilities during investigations and disciplinary processes, Jamey was an exemplary Officer and leader for her fellow Filipinos and Filipinas. Being a professional working woman and holding such an important, visible position onboard is a significant responsibility, and Jamey is a shining example of an admirable cultural ambassador for the Filipino people. 

It would not surprise me in the least for Jamey Iris to be recognised by receiving this award and many more like it. She is extremely deserving and continues to be a beacon of hope, and a heroine in her profession at sea. If I can provide any further information or  evidence to the selection panel, please feel free to reach out and I would be happy to discuss and to provide it.